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Soothe Boxes

November 2020

Based on Compassion Based Therapy, a Soothe Box is a place to collect items so you can nourish yourself regularly. We have included a range of times to calm, maintain composure reflect, motivate and allow your inner self to recharge.  Keep it in a prominent place where you see it and are reminded of it every day.  Add to it with your own images, trinkets and individual comforters.

Each large box contains a 26cm cushion, comfort teddy, journal, scented candle, mug, tea/coffee, snack, handmade soap, facecloth, massage bar, hankie, and a brain teaser game. There is a short self-help guide developed by our professionals to calm your mind and body.  We provide a cardboard box which you can decorate if you wish.  

Smaller boxes are available and items come in a range of colours.

You can also add a voucher for massage/pilates/nutrition advice or counselling to make this an ideal gift for someone you love.

More pictures are available at

yellow soothe.jpg