People, Productivity, Psychotherapy

MOONSTIR’s capabilities have been borne over years of professional development, practice and a passion for people.

HR Consultancy

The Path to Success

MOONSTIR’s capabilities have been borne over years of professional development and practice. With a sound background in Human Resource Management and Fellow Membership of CIPD, we will partner your organisation to develop your business via a full HR support service.  MOONSTIR can tailor solutions thus improving performance, productivity and profitability of your business through your people.

Health and Wellbeing

A Comprehensive Approach

Our mission is to work in partnership with local businesses, occupational health providers and government agencies to reduce the cost of ill health and improve business performance by developing robust people plans with a particular focus on workplace wellbeing. Whether you're looking for management training, employee awareness sessions or a wider wellbeing programme, Moonstir can support a range of options.


Expert Guidance

Cognitive-behavioural therapy is an approach which suggests the way that we think and interpret situations has an impact on how we feel and behave. Moonstir's therapists can use additional methods to support so please contact us to find out how we can help.

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