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Health and Wellbeing

We work in partnership with local businesses, occupational health providers and government agencies to reduce the cost of ill health and improve business performance.


Holistic Health  

The world of work has changed following COVID. Before 2020, we also knew that life expectancy and time at work increased meaning that employees are increasingly caring for their children and parents. The pressure to do more with less, in addition accessible technology means that employees hours are extended. Whilst this creates opportunity, is also causing increased burnout. Sickness absence costs the UK economy over 14 billion pounds a year. A proactive programme has known to reduce these costs as well as increase productivity.

In order to be effective the employee wellbeing programme must fit with each organisation and be embedded within the organisation's culture.  A sound wellbeing strategy will commence with communication between employees and management. It will be developed by capable managers in consultation with staff.  It will enhance the safe environment and build a foundation of equality.  It will promote flexible working and sound health information campaigns.  It will meet the HSE Stress Standards and provide sufficient support to balance mental and physical wellbeing using relevant experts such as Moonstir. 

Examples our wellbeing packages are as follows:

  • Creating the health and wellbeing needs assessment.

  • Preparing an annual health and wellbeing plan to engage employees

  • Wellbeing Awareness training to HR and Managers

  • Identifying wellbeing champions, providing training and ongoing supervision 

  • Stress Risk Management, audits and action plans

  • Provide information and activities on diet, nutrition and physical fitness.

  • Lifestyle checks

  • Fitness Assessments

  • Wellness coaching

  • DSE Assessments

  • Onsite physiotherapy and massage

  • Trauma Risk Management

  • Psychotherapy

Health and Wellbeing: Services
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