Health and Wellbeing

We work in partnership with local businesses, occupational health providers and government agencies to reduce the cost of ill health and improve business performance by developing robust people plans with a particular focus on workplace wellbeing.

Holistic Health  

Our programmes focus on combining physical, mental and social well-being, such that opportunities at work ensure staff can maintain a healthy and productive life.

Our wellbeing programmes focus on minimising conditions such as Cancer, Heart Disease, Diabetes, Alcohol and Drug dependency, musculoskeletal issues and mental ill-health. Specifically we can support with 

  • Preparing an annual health and wellbeing plan to engage employees

  • Provide information and activities on diet, nutrition and physical fitness.

  • DSE Assessments

  • Onsite physiotherapy

  • Mental Health Awareness including mental health first aid

  • Stress Management and audits

  • Trauma Risk Management

  • Coping with a terminal diagnoses and bereavement

Wellness Counselling

Do you want to support your employees through times of change? We can provide one-off wellness meetings to review your employee's needs, providing them with guidance on their mental and physical health.  Reviewing their helpful and unhelpful coping strategies, we can provide support to improve wellbeing through exercise, diet, sleep hygiene, maintaining social connections, and managing self care.   For more detailed support, we use cognitive behavioural tools to improve low mood and/or anxiety.

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