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World Suicide Prevention Day 10/09/21

Every year, the 10th September is known as World Suicide Prevention Day and it’s worth remembering why this day deserves significant thought. The recently published Scottish suicide statistics for 2020 by the Scottish Public Health Observatory paint a picture that shows no significant signs of improvement across Scotland as a whole with 805 people, 575 men and 230 women taking their own lives. As someone who has lived in the North East of Scotland, I wanted to highlight the local figures for Grampian and after looking at the detail, two particular trends jumped out at me. Over the 39 years of data, the average annual recorded suicides over this period in Grampian are almost identical to the 2020 figures themselves, which are that 60 men and 16 women became one of these terrible statistics. The historic trend would suggest that in 2021 we can expect between 75 and 80 local people to commit suicide, around 60 men and around 20 women. Men are also between 3 and 4 times more likely to commit suicide in Grampian which is higher than the Scottish figure of just over 2 and a half times and this shows why men’s mental health in particular is worthy of renewed focus and discussion.

Never have I been more aware of suicide prevention than in my current work. This week alone I have spoken to several clients whom have suicidal thoughts, and one who thankfully was found in time. Never underestimate how much being there for another person can make a difference, even if you sit in silence, you are there. Please, please, please help yourself and others by taking time to think differently, act kindly, listen and look for any signs.

There are a significant number of agencies, both local and national who can offer free advice and support so please take advantage of them. Samaritans, Breathing Space, Penumbra and locally Mental Health Aberdeen, Shirley’s Space and of course Moonstir.

I have also attached a link to a useful document about suicidal thoughts for reference.

Please get in touch with someone, anyone, YOU Matter, Life Matters. Stay with us...

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