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World Mental Health Day - Morag graduates!

From lockdown, to furlough, to job losses. We've all found ourselves under pressure lately. COVID has affected us all in different ways, and it is normal to feel uncertain about what the future holds. For me today is a celebration of completing my Diploma in Counselling and Groupwork. I have dedicated many years to boosting mental health in employees and friends. Over the last 3 years I have also supported those with mental ill health during counselling sessions. For me too, I have also been cared for by special people which I am thankful for. I have also taken time to look after myself by following my passion and setting up Moonstir, keeping active and enjoying my sewing time.

Whatever you've been through this year, World Mental Health Day is a chance to make a positive change for the mental health of your workplace or your home.

Why now download an image to post on Facebook, Instagram or Twitter, sharing what you’ve done for better mental health.

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