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Wellbeing wanders down the priority list - for organisations but not individuals!

Interesting chat with Fiona from Lindsay and Lang yesterday which echoes the recent research into decline in employee wellbeing focus.

"The number of HR professionals who believed their senior leaders embodied good wellbeing practice also dropped from 48 per cent last year to 42 per cent, while the percentage who agreed that managers had bought into the importance of wellbeing fell from 67 per cent to just 60 per cent."

If line managers feel unable to be the positive influence on their employees' wellbeing, and there is a lack of buy-in at a leadership level, are we all doomed? At Moonstir, we are seeing the impact of employee wellbeing at the grass roots level. Psychotherapy referrals are ever increasing, absence management works is heightened and performance is dropping. BURNOUT is really happening more than we ever predicted.

Employee choice to move away from organisations losing focus on them as individuals is also a motivational factor. Employees have rights, desires for safety and options to look after their future. Hey, if the employer won't, individuals will have to.

We must as HR professionals challenge our leadership teams.

But YOU are not alone in this fight.

HR cannot and will not be able to manage employee wellbeing.

This is a cultural decision.

This is a strategic direction.

This takes time and dedication.

Let's make a start. Let's listen to our workforce. Let's at least start the conversation. What is going to happen if you do? I'll tell you from the mouths of many individuals. Your employees will start to feel valued, to re-engage and to set the direction for the better.

What's going to happen if you don't? They will continue to get distressed, they will get ill and they will make a choice to leave after a lengthy period of absence or you will have to dismiss them.

Is this really what you want as a Human Resources professional? So if you feel stuck, why not join us in the conversation. Little by little we can make a long term change, together.

If you'd be interested in joining a group online chat, get in touch so we can set up a date. We have some ideas to guide you.

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