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The heat is on but check out our plans!

At Moonstir, we are proud to say our last few weeks have been a roaring success. We are working closely with a number of organisations and individuals on proactive and reactive wellbeing activities such as

  • mental health awareness training

  • mindfulness events

  • volunteer training for Shirley's Space

  • individual therapy

  • absence management planning and support.

Having a dual career and working with a number of professionals with different strands in the business takes dedication and commitment. I have attended several hours of CPD this month both for HR and psychotherapy regarding the new era of work, employment law and use of psychometrics. These sessions really help maintain focus on what's happening now and the future in organisations and I am happy that I can use this knowledge with the clients I work with. With regards therapy, I have had a day on disordered eating and one on emotional regulation. Sessions on menopause and some additional reading are the focus for our next group sessions. It is all adding up to a very healthy business plan for the end of the year and 2023 with Kat, Laura and Jenny.

With all this work, how do I cool down? I love to volunteer when I can and loved being at the CLAN coffee morning. I attend yoga and pilates as well as taking the dogs out regularly. I have also had time to create - I love sewing when I can and our new machine will definitely give me a sewing focus.

I hope you are all keeping well and please do get in touch to update me on your plans.

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