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Stress - be aware

It's International Stress Awareness Week - let us focus your attention.

The HSE defines stress as “the adverse reaction people have to excessive pressures or other types of demand placed on them at work.” Those pressures may come from a number of different sources, and when their combined effect is overwhelming, stress occurs. Stress is an unhealthy state of body or mind or both. which is not good for you.

It is NOT the same as pressure where our flight or fight responses, a one-off reaction to perceived challenges are more safety responses. These alert individuals to possible threats allowing them to take action. However, continually being in an aroused alert state means that the body chemicals associated with Flight or Fight are constantly being stimulated which may create symptoms of, or cause, ill health. Never have there been more cumulative pressures and uncertainties!

As an employer, if you have 5 or more employees you are required to carry out an Organisational Risk Assessment for stress. You are also required to take effective action to manage it and where possible, prevent it. Many employers don't know where to start.

As experts in our field, Moonstir's professionals are trained to support both employers and individuals with stress which can manifest itself in physical and mental illness. If you've noticed a change in any employee's behaviour, it's worth a review. Give us a call, we can help.

To be proactive, our Stress Awareness training, which is based on evidence, experience and detailed knowledge, can be delivered online for a competitive price. Act now and see the benefits of proactivity. Email or give us a phone 07835 740960

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