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Qualified Competent Committed

I am delighted to have passed my Certificate of Proficiency (CoP) for BACP which is an assessment to show that I meet the BACP standards and I am a safe and effective practitioner. This is in addition to my COSCA registration, I'm taking a belt and braces approach for clients based around the UK.

As a BACP member I have demonstrated my core training in psychotherapy. This is addition to my BSc in Psychology, my Masters in Human Resources and my degree in teaching BEd. I hope you can see you are in safe hands, always willing to maintain my professional standards.

There are many counsellors/psychotherapists out there and not all are equally qualified. In fact, the profession is not as regulated as you may think, some counsellors may not be fully trained so check the registers!

Choosing a practitioner who is a BACP registered member should give clients further assurance that I work to high standards of proficiency and the ethical practice you would expect from a professional. The CoP assesses 14 areas aligned to educational and professional standards and assesses knowledge and skills to undergraduate degree level. I can therefore fully demonstrate that I:

  • work to ethical and professional good practice guidelines

  • establish and maintain clear therapeutic boundaries

  • manage how to end therapy for clients

Registered members must agree to comply with the BACP Register terms and conditions. These include committing to continuing professional development and working to our Ethical Framework for the Counselling Professions. BACP ensures that I continue to meet the standards by asking me to commit to these terms and conditions every year when I renew my membership and I can be audited at any time.

Checking my registration

If you want to check my registration, you can check the BACP Register. This gives the name, registration number and location of all registered members.

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