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Protecting your employees' wellbeing and leading with purpose

Coronavirus has turned out to be a critical leadership stress test. It has challenged virtually every contingency plan and risk mitigation strategy that leaders have ever envisioned.

A recent study from Gallup found that while leaders prioritised agility and speed in transitioning to remote environments what employees are looking for comes down to four key areas: trust, stability, compassion and hope. This isn't new and with ongoing uncertainties ahead, what strategies are you putting in place to manage your business and people as we consider returning to the physical environments?

An important factor to consider in doings so is the mental exhaustion everyone is facing around potential exposure to COVID-19 as well as the changing environments we are in. Bringing people back to physical locations has inherent risks that concern employees and could impact the health and wellbeing of their families. It’s important to take steps to not only ensure a safe workplace, but prioritise employee wellbeing with mental health and physical fitness initiatives to ensure employees remain engaged.

Moonstir is well placed to advise with these challenges given our experience working with Health and Wellbeing and psychotherapy. We are currently working with some proactive employers to support their needs, why not ask for more information on what we can do for you?

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