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Periods - a point for reflection

Do you believe we should absence policies which are relative to sex specific health conditions? My own view is no, we shouldn't need them. However, I take the view that each individual should be able to openly discuss their health and have reasonable adjustments made without the need for lots of policy decisions and red tape.

Over the 25 years I've supported employee health, of course there have been women who experience difficulties that men don't experience. But there have equally been men who come to chat about their own issues. I clearly recall many years ago case law stating we should not be segregating gender specific health cases (other than of course protecting of women with pregnancy related illness) and I stuck to this idea. I treat people as people whatever their protected characteristic or otherwise.

But if research is telling us that women at work are facing challenges with their health in a way that is detrimental to their employment because of a female only condition, perhaps we need to listen more carefully? According to People Management this is what's happening.

So whether we need a menopause policy, period protection or support for any other gender specific health need, we believe we should always start by having an open and honest approach to health and wellbeing. Start

by LISTENING to what your employees tell you they would like and form a strategy aligned to this. It's not as hard as it sounds. Honestly.

At Moonstir we always start with a Health Needs Assessment and a review of absence data then we formulate a plan of action. If you'd like some support from Moonstir and our associates, please do get in touch.

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