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Online counselling continues to work well

After months of doing my CBT work online and considering whether to return to face-to-face counselling, I have completed a short course to update my knowledge using different mediums.

Did you know that various case studies have suggested that videoconferencing counselling can be an effective means of treatment delivery (Simpson, 2009)? The frequent practice of integrating video and face-to-face sessions seems to show that videoconferencing might be seen more as a complement to face-to-face psychotherapy rather than as a substitute (Cipolleta et al., 2018).· Whilst there are many ethical considerations and data protection issues to manage, I have found the online sessions to be equally as effective as face-to-face. I have managed risk equally as well as being present but I have missed the chance to connect fully when a client becomes emotional. I have also limited my online work in line with BACP guidelines which means I am returning to face-to-face sessions to work on more complex issues which could not be addressed online.

There are pros and cons of online work, of course, but I am satisfied with the feedback received from clients. I have evidenced their journeys similarly to working in person which has been humbling. Overall, I am pleased that the support could be continued safely when my clients needed help. I thank my placements for trusting my skills to support the people in need and also my clients for working through the challenges technology presented to us. I continue to learn the benefits of working remotely and accept that it is not for everyone so face-to-face sessions are arranged for those who genuinely need it keeping within COVID guidelines.

The road ahead continues to be unclear but it need not be a journey travelled alone. Together we will find clarity through the fog.

Often there is sunlight awaiting us when we travel in a direction to find it - let's start planning to reach new destinations together!

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