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No surprise as EAPs found not be the answer to mental wellbeing at work

I have been working in the field of Human Resources for 24 years. Since 1998 we have seen the HSE standards being developed regarding stress management. I have watched as employers have battled their way to keep abreast of minimal requirements to keep their employees safe. I have also been instrumental in several organisations working to best practice to manage health and wellbeing at work.

Wellbeing, like safety, is not something we can discharge our duties of and delegate to others at work. Following years of seeing employees struggle to access appropriate support, I trained to be a psycthotherapist and also set up Moonstir. Having an Employee Assistance Programme, Mental Health First Aiders, Mental Health Awareness sessions are great but they are not a solution in themselves. Recent evidence has told us that tick box exercises are nothing more than a false economy. That's why Moonstir offers HR Consultancy and Health and Wellbeing and psychotherapy.

I work closely with colleagues to offer holistic services aimed at proactively managing employee wellbeing. My colleague Kat at Eaton Occupational Health and Laura Leslie work with me to prepare wellbeing action plans aligned to organisational strategy as part of overall people management. We have several employers willing to take this proactive approach which is helping to reduce absenteeism, reduce HSE incidents and improve productivity through increased engagement.

I am also delighted that I have the skills and knowledge to also work with some other employers as their psychotherapist. In doing so, I can encourage employees in therapy to seek advice from their employer with regards their overall needs. Many of whom have a successful journey back to wellness. Note I do not offer therapy to clients whom I'm delivering HR services to due to a conflict of interest and to protect confidentiality. Instead I would refer them to my colleague Jenny at JT Therapy

So on World Mental Health Day, I urge you to take the opportunity to think wider than minimal resource requirements for your staff. Give us a call or email; it really does make a difference to get some professional support to guide your people.

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