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Mental Health Awareness Week – Connecting with others

Did you know that someone who has a lack of connection with others and experiences loneliness may end up develop symptoms of depression? On the other hand, someone who was previously very social but starts to develop depression may become more isolated over and time and begin to feel lonely.

Sadly, people who are isolated or feel alone may also have a stronger tendency toward thoughts of self-harm or even suicide. Feeling a part of a network of people can help you feel supported in a way that can minimize and reduce loneliness and suicidal thoughts. It can also help you understand that your life has meaning and that you are valued.

Learning to Connect

Someone who is dealing with feelings of loneliness may find it hard to connect with others. They may be surrounded by people and yet feel far away. Whilst we often rely on social media to connect with the outside world, we know that connecting and speaking to people face to face is more helpful for our mental health. Even though the internet has replaced many in-person interactions, human connection is something that we as social creatures need.

Reaching out to others can be challenging with depression but taking small steps can make it easier over time. This week our tips to reduce loneliness involve BACES - Body care, Achievement, Connecting, Enjoyment and STOPP.

Today, here is Lucie from Coast Clam Life talking about Connecting and how it helped her during the pandemic.

At Moonstir we are proud to have the knowledge and understanding to support those around us with care and compassion. Get in touch if you’d like to connect, we’d love to meet you.

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