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Mental Health Awareness - the importance of achievement

This week we are sharing evidenced based resources to reduce loneliness by using BACES - Body care, Achievement, Connecting, Enjoyment and STOPP.

Here is Morag's short post on Achievement - I hope you can share the "buzz"

Our brain gets a boost when we achieve things during the day. Achievement increases the neurotransmitter dopamine and purposeful activity increases serotonin, both needed to maintain our mental health. It is therefore very helpful to plan realistic and achievable goals every day, such as those concerning work, chores and study, but we can also set goals and achieve activities relating to Connecting to others and Enjoyment and Exercise.

For me I definitely get a boost from setting weekly goals with work related tasks and learning because I have a high drive for maintaining my own competence, particularly when this relates to supporting others. This last weekend I set myself a goal to face the anxiety of being in cold water. I did this as a reminder how hard it is to overcome challenges but also how we can control our emotional and physiological reactions. Here is my little video showing how delighted I was to have achieved my cold water experience and I’m now considering the next visit to increase my exposure.

At Moonstir we are proud to work with clients to improve their mental and physical health. Don’t be alone, if you’d like more information, please get in touch.

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