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Mental burnout = time for change

Half of managers in the UK believe workers may be at an increased risk of burnout following a change in working patterns and behaviours caused by the global pandemic, a report by Walters (in People Management), has found.

So what are we as businesses going to do about it? The pressures on costs are huge, plans to cut headcount afoot and many leaders don't know where to turn. This is a time to understand how burnout develops and make a plan to stoke the energy of your employees rather than stress them out. Look ahead, yes there are some hills to climb but there is a future as part of this change. It starts with effective communication, collaboration and continued focus on values. At Moonstir, this is our passion.

We want to help you get through these tough times of change using a range of skills to manage the demands, controls and changing roles. By having effective relationships and support mechanisms in place, we can reduce the fatigue and avoid burnout. Experienced in stress management, we are happy to start the stress management conversation and collaborate towards successful management of your staff.

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