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Men's Health Awareness Week 13-19 June

Updated: Jun 10, 2022

Getting an MOT is essential for your car so why not do it for your own body and mind? Moonstir are proud to be supporting Eaton Health Services in offering Lifestyle checks including psychological care. Never has there been a better time to book your MOT.

Lifestyle checks enables you to identify risk of developing diseases such as diabetes, heart disease and stroke. Identified early on, many health conditions are easier to treat, reducing the risk of future long-term sickness absence. The Occupational Health Nurses can carry out a range of tests to including blood pressure, body mass index, cholesterol and prostate specific antigen (PSA). We also detect health conditions and provide support with these.

With regards your Emotional Wellbeing, why not use the WHO 5 wellbeing index to assess quality of life, why not take the self sore test below?

Please respond to each item by scoring yourself considering the last 2 weeks with 5 to 0 scoring, 5 being all of the time, 0 being none of the time. Multiply your score by 4 to get a percentage quality of life score.

  1. I have felt cheerful and in good sprits

  2. I have felt calm and relaxed

  3. I have felt active and vigorous

  4. I woke up feeling fresh and rested

  5. My daily life has been filled with things that interest me

If you have a lower score than you would like, or lower than 50%, maybe it's time to book an appointment to get your emotional health MOT with Morag.

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