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Meaningful consultation - what is it?

More than a third of employers (37 per cent) are likely to shed jobs by the end of the year, with many admitting to being unaware of their legal responsibilities around consulting staff, according to Acas (in People Management 01.10.20). Do you as an SME even know where to start?

Redundancy consultations are even worse now that we are working remotely. Communicating effectively, and meaningfully, with colleagues is a sure way to make the process go much better but many managers are poor at this. Some HR departments too struggle with personalising communication and making the consultations meaningful. This is not Moonstir's model. We like to listen, talk and support through times of change. We like to help businesses and employees move on, even in tough times, so that future damage to both parties is avoided.

If you like the sound of a genuinely meaningful consultation process, we want to work with employers who care. Contact for a confidential discussion if you need support.

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