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Integrated recruitment gets results!

Recruiting for a new employee should not be considered a simple process. It must integrate smoothly to your overall business vision, mission and values. Thought must be given to your business strategy and your culture, where you want to drive your business and how employees can help you achieve these goals. Business leaders need to consider the employee value proposition and the commitment to be given back to the employee. It's a two-way process - employees have a choice to join you in your journey or wave goodbye.

At Moonstir, we don't just write up a job advert or gather CVs. We work with business leaders to consider the whole package. We look at where your business is on your planned journey. We look at the culture you are seeking to enhance or change. We look at the skills you already have in place and the gaps you need to fill. We consider your employer brand and your media presence. Then we look at the intricate details of the role, the advertising, the target audience, the bespoke selection process, the hiring plans and finally the induction and review. We are not about selling a quick fix such as cheap advertising campaign or sending a load of applicants CVs. We look inside out and outside in.

If you're looking to hire, think carefully at what you want in your supported partner before signing up. Quality recruitment must be considered, integrated, and future focused. Given our experience, we don't delay in delivering this quality service and our results speak for themselves. Please get in touch if you'd like to hear more.

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