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Fitness, fun and future focus

Yesterday marked week 6 of the couch to 5K - despite managing 20 minutes of running last week, I felt I'd taken a step back. I struggled to get my legs into action and had to push myself to get up the undulating route. I did not achieve what I set out to and felt somewhat frustrated. However, tomorrow is another day and I will hopefully start in a better frame of mind which will make all the difference.

I did, however, enjoy my online session with Fitness and Dance with Elma Robertson Whilst I was expecting to sign into Zumba last night, I faced the powerhoop (with no hoop) and toning with my dumbbells at the ready. I love Elma's classes - the music is great, the variety of exercises fantastic and her cheery disposition very motivating. I equally love that mistakes are made by us all and that is part of the fun. I achieved more than I expected and wasn't sore today!

So my future focus is to feel fit and look better by exercising through dance, running and walking. Exercise is fun when we put our minds to it.

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