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Enjoyment - add it to your life

Mental Health Awareness Week – please take time to review our post on Enjoyment which comes from evidenced based resources to reduce loneliness by using BACES

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Stepping Back.

Have you noticed if you are you enjoying life?

When our mood dips and we feel tired, or we withdraw and isolate ourselves, the first things we stop doing are the fun and enjoyable activities. We tend to keep doing those things that drain and deplete us, but neglect those that we enjoy and which energise and nourish us.

In order to improve your mental health, aim to do more enjoyable activities. Maybe something you used to enjoy doing (e.g. hobby or sport), or something you've thought you would like to do. It might be something outdoors, or with other people, or maybe just on your own at home. For Kim, she likes to boogie to disco or dance music or watch her boys having fun. Watch her video for more information on Enjoyment (and she says she usually sounds more fun than this 😊)

If you’d like more information on how to improve your wellbeing, please get in touch with us at Moonstir.

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