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Drained at work? A Dog's Tale

I love having my dog next to me whilst I work - she brings many benefits. I love that she approves of my new shoes as a pillow... she does have a bed but clearly it's too hot today.

I love that she encourages me to take time outside for a break.

I love that she helps me cut down on snacks - we share or we eat healthy snacks together!

I love listening to her breathing (or snoring) but admittedly she can make me feel sleepy. I have spent some time snuggling up for a quick nap, not something I would do with any other colleague!!

If of course she were human, we'd have to have some discussion about her sleeping on the job! I have dealt with this complaint a few times in my career but more so employees noticing their lethargy due to exhaustion, stress, other health conditions or of course temperature.

It is no joke when you feel yourself slipping away - attention wandering, yawning more often and losing focus. You may have caught yourself in meetings wondering if anyone saw you nod off?

If you have this problem, it's time for a chat - either with your line manager, GP, Occupational Health or of course we at Moonstir are more than happy to provide some information and guidance. Mental and physical health go hand in hand (or hand in paw). Don't ignore the signs. Act now to ensure you are fit and sage at work.

Email for more info, we'd love to help re-energize you.

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