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COVID 19 - STOPP spinning in circles!

As an employer, there are always so many issues to consider. Do you ever wonder where to start? Do you feel like you're going round in circles?

At Moonstir, we accept you are the experts in your business. We know you are fighting hard to keep the plates spinning right now. We know life can be stressful and we recognise you you may thrive on this buzz. We know there are many priorities and your people agenda may not seem like the first on the list of things to plan.

So you rely on a reactive HR approach and one day you get that all too difficult employee issue. Do you put your head in the sand and wish your people issues away? Or do you face things head on and shoot from the hip? Here are our tips using STOPP, a Cognitive Behavioural Approach.

Stop and step back

Take a moment to breathe

Observe your emotional reaction to the situation

Put things into perspective by considering the facts

Practice what works and problem solve by talking things through with someone.

If you don't know HR practices or don't know how to resolve the problem, why not call an expert who can help?

Moonstir offers both reactive and proactive HR solutions to SMEs. We know the problems and we can help with solutions. So STOPP spinning and circles and get the help you need, today! Email to arrange a confidential chat.

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