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Connecting through COVID

Guys, it's tough, I hear it is all the time. Being isolated or spending time with the same faces makes life even harder. That's why getting out, staying connected makes sense.

Today I had the chance to meet a friend and colleague Jenny Thomson. We had a socially distanced walk, a trip to the baker and a hot coffee. Yes it was freezing; I've never been so glad to have a hot pie in a long time! The main thing, I got to see someone in person in a safe way, we did some exercise and supported each other in a way friends do. We also supported local businesses. Whilst our nutritionist, Laura Leslie may not necessarily find the choices I made to be overly healthy, she will tell me there are no bad foods!

I also called another friend and colleague, Lucie Ross. It was great to hear how she is doing and understand her work on resilience. It was also lovely to hear about changes in her personal life which make me smile.

The other day I was able to connect with another friend and colleague in person, Jenni Butler. I attended our offices to see a client for therapy which was best done face-to-face. Again, we kept to the COVID rules and still managed to undertake a business meeting. I was also able to demonstrate my progress with some physical rehab I have been working on, phew, I managed one press up but it's progress!

How have these connections changed my mood? Today I feel energised, accomplished, future focused and above all happy. COVID makes it too easy to withdraw and isolate ourselves and neglect our relationships. However, connecting with and/or helping others boosts the neurotransmitter oxytocin which will boost our wellbeing. Our brain also gets a boost when we achieve things during the day. Achievement increases the neurotransmitter dopamine and purposeful activity increases serotonin.

It is therefore very helpful to plan realistic and achievable goals every day as well as keeping connected. You don't need to suffer the cold when you meet up; wrap up warm, increase your walking speed and make the walks a duration you are happy with. You have control, so make time to get out and get connected.

If you are struggling with stress, anxiety or depression, need some support with your diet or you have some physical goals you want help with, please get in touch for some information, guidance or therapy. At Moonstir, we practice our profession because we know it works.

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