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A year in review at Moonstir

It has been over a year since I left the corporate world from a Global HR role and focused attention on Moonstir. I cannot tell you how scared I was to leave what I knew to face an unknown path. I was in wonder at how I would cope with the additional element of my career in becoming a psychotherapist. I had worked so hard to develop myself to becoming the person I was planning to be but it was another thing doing it.

I am grateful for so many things I have learned in my career. One thing I remember being told, and something I pass to others, when change is in front of us, our experience, skills and attitude will remain and get us through. There is no doubt in my mind I have so many people to thank for helping me develop these skills and to strengthen my values in being a considerate but competence focused professional. It has taken many conversations, and of course significant hours of study, to get me where I am today.

When I ask myself am I happy with where I am I can of course look at myself and say indeed! I have loads of letters after my name which demonstrate the many, many years of study to hone my knowledge. Do I want to achieve more, for certain! At the core of my business is to provide professional support which never ends.

I have seen many other businesses pop up of late offering somewhat similar services in terms of HR, Wellbeing and of course Psychotherapy. I believe I am the only professional locally whom is combining years of experience from teaching, Human Resources, wellbeing management and mental health to develop bespoke but compliant services.

  • I am not developing a one size fits all package.

  • I do not regurgitate materials. Each time I work with a client, I develop what is needed for them.

  • You will not see booklets you can download online or lists of courses in the hope that these fit.

I develop as I go and each time I review relevant research to keep things current. This is what makes my work current, compliant and considerate of your needs. Moonstir provides quality over quantity.

I'm excited about the year ahead offering so many bespoke options to ensure people are supported either in work or individually. If you'd like to talk about your needs, together we will collaborate. Creativity @ Moonstir is a daily desire, let us be part of your life's art.

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