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54321 Stress Support Programme

At Moonstir, we recognise Stress has become an increasing concern for many people in light of COVID. Changes to our work routines or employment, difficulties with relationships or debt, challenges with home schooling, the list seems endless.

Developed by our 5 professionals, there will be 4 delegates per programme, over 3 online sessions, 2 hours per week with one-to-one focus for two hours in week two to support specific needs with mental or physical health.

Who is the Stress Support Progamme for? This progamme is for adults whom are experiencing stress who can access to online video software on a weekly basis. The HSE defines stress as ‘the adverse reaction people have to excessive pressures or other types of demand placed on them’. These reactions include our mental and physical health.

What does the Stress Support Progamme cover? The interactive programme is a Cognitive Behavioural approach connecting mind and body relative to the 6 elements of Stress as outlined by the Health and Safety Executive Stress Management Standards. The standards focus on: Change, Demands, Control, Role, Relationships and Support. The programme creates a solid foundation to manage stress.

What do the one-to-one sessions cover? After identifying your goal, you can either work with our psychotherapists/resilience coaches or have specific nutrition coaching or a session on physical health with our physiotherapist. These sessions will allow you to review your own stressors and develop a basic plan to manage these.

What times will the Stress Support Progamme run? The online group programme will run in the evenings between 6pm and 8pm on Wednesdays. There will be time for breaks during the sessions. The individual sessions will be agreed between you and your professional support partner.

What can I hope to gain from attending? We cannot always control the pressures placed upon us but we can control our reactions to these stressors. This programme, connecting mind and body, will give you some support to help you cope such that when it rains, it doesn't feel like it's pouring. Future support may be needed beyond this programme which can be discussed with our professionals.

How much does the Stress Support Progamme cost? Early bird discount at £350 p/p if booked by end January otherwise full price is usually £400. Concessions for those affected financially by COVID will be compassionately considered. For more information please contact Morag Ormiston on

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